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 Before Buying an E-bike Battery or Charger

Let’s face it: The most expensive component of your e-bike is the battery. So before spending your hard-earned bucks you should first learn a few things about them so that you don’t throw money away on an uninformed choice.   The information below will help you in that regard.

Replacement E-bike Batteries

Having difficulty finding a replacement e-bike battery for your electric bike? You have come to the right place: “Your E-bike Battery Store” in Los Angeles and Long Beach,  California.

 E-bike manufacturers have a way of going out of business and leaving customers with batteries they can’t replace. And even when the batteries ARE available, they are often priced beyond the pocket book range of many e-bikers. We are here to help.

Battery Installation Help

Very often we hear from customers who have purchased batteries and have difficulty installing them. At The E-bike Battery Store we will install them for you, or at least, provide you with help over the phone or through email with installing your e-bike battery.

Available Batteries

We offer  Lithium batteries in both 36 and 48 volts. We also offer SLA batteries (sealed lead acid) but in 36 volts only.  But please keep in mind that this is a new website,  so check back often to see what else is available and how we can solve your e-bike battery problems.

Available Accessories

In addition to batteries and E-bike battery chargers, we have connection plugs, wiring harnesses, and racks for mounting your batteries.

For the Do-it-Your-selfer

We even have items that will assist the customer who likes to assemble his own SLA (sealed lead acid) batteries, like individual cells, wiring harnesses, and battery bags.

To Order

Or to Just Ask Questions Email or Phone Henry At

The E-bike Battery Store In

Long Beach, CA.


Order Lithium Batteries Here

And learn how to make a proper selection. Learn about voltage and “Ah.”

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And learn how they are made and assembled.

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And learn all about chargers and their proper use.

Order Plugs & Wiring Here

And learn all about the different connectors and how to wire your own battery.

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And learn all about how to mount and Install your battery.